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Posted on 09-20-2016

Your First Visit: What To Expect During Eye Exam to Diagnose Vision Therapy In Houston

If you’re wondering whether you need vision therapy and what to expect during your first appointment, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss what exactly vision therapy is, whether you need it, and how our Houston optometrist can help you improve your vision today.

Vision therapy for a young girl in Houston

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a form of eye exercise that focuses on strengthening eye muscles and retraining your learned patterns of seeing. Especially if you’ve historically compensated for an eye condition, your eyes may have habits contrary to good eyesight, and vision therapy can help retrain you to see better. Vision therapy should only take place with a qualified professional; don’t trust online or consumer programs.

While vision therapy is typically most effective in children, this doesn’t mean that adults can’t benefit from it as well. In fact, adults may notice substantial improvements, especially considering that they are usually much more motivated than children to follow through on exercises and improve their vision.

Signs or Symptoms Indicating You Might Need Vision Therapy

Wondering whether vision therapy is for you? There are several signs it might be:

  • You experience daily eye strain from looking at a computer
  • You’ve experienced a head or other injury that has affected your eyesight
  • You have a condition such as amblyopia (lazy eye) that has affected your vision your whole life

Vision therapy is also excellent for children who have vision-related learning disabilities. If you’ve noticed your child has trouble with reading, writing or other subjects, get them tested to see if they might benefit from this type of therapy.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

During your first vision therapy visit, your optometrist will assess your condition and make a treatment plan. You will likely do a few exercises in the very first session, all of them geared toward training your eyes toward better seeing habits. The optometrist will likely instruct you on how to continue these eye exercises at home, then check in with you on return visits.

The Houston Vision Therapy Provider for You

Here at Eye Site, we have over 25 years’ experience proving our dedication to and effectiveness in improving eyesight in our patients. We serve the Katy and Memorial areas with excellent vision services, and welcome new patients all the time. Our Houston vision therapy offices accept all major insurance plans.

For our Katy office, please call 281-644-2010. If you’d like to reach our Memorial office, call (713) 984-9144. Don’t wait to get in touch with our Houston vision therapy outfit and begin your journey toward better eyesight through vision therapy today.

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