Why Is My Eye Red?

Red Eye

"Why is my eye red?" is a normal question only if you're looking at a photograph of yourself. If you're saying it while looking in the mirror, that's unpleasant news. The causes of red eyes can be simple or complicated; while you might be able to self-diagnose in the obvious cases, you may have to call an optometrist, such as one with us at Eye Site serving Houston, TX, Katy, TX, and Memorial, TX.

Finding the Cause of a Red Eye Can Be Tricky

Sometimes the cause of a red eye is obvious. You got shampoo in your eye that morning, and you're waiting for your eye to calm down. You have an allergy to pollen that has red eyes as one of its symptoms. You were just rubbing that eye or staring at a computer screen.

All of those are easy to diagnose as you can connect them to a pre-existing or recent condition. But if you've found one of your eyes is red for no discernable reason, you could have an infection or irritation. If you wear contacts, the contact in that eye could have caused irritation, and speaking with an optometrist may be a good idea. If you've had a cold or been exposed to someone with a viral or bacterial infection, you may have pink eye, especially if you see a lot of discharge from the eye or if both eyes are red.

If you are concerned about your red eye, then visit an optometrist on our team to get our optometry services.

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In those cases where you have no idea what happened, call an eye doctor on our team and arrange to have your eyes checked out. We at Eye Site serving Katy, TX, Memorial, TX, and Houston, TX, can fit you in to see an eye doctor on our team. Call us at (713) 984-9144 (Memorial) or (281) 644-2010 (Katy) for an appointment.

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