Polarized Glasses

Are you having problems with the glare, even with sunglasses outside? Polarized glasses can help improve vision and reduce glare from the sun and light. These glasses help reduce eye strain and keep you safe while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities. If you are interested in finding polarized glasses to help reduce glare and live in the Katy, TX, or Houston, TX, areas, consider visiting Eye Site. Then, read below to understand how polarized glasses can enhance your way of life.

Polarized Glasses

What Are Polarized Glasses?

Polarized glasses have special lenses treated with a chemical that allows them to filter light. Regular lenses do not have this ability. The chemical applied to the lenses has particular molecules that line up in a certain way that prevents light from coming through the lens. The way the chemicals line up creates only a vertical opening where the light can pass through. This vertical opening means the lenses block all horizontal light. This blockage prevents light from bouncing off objects and blinding you. As a result, you can have clearer and crisper vision when looking at objects. It is important to note that polarized lenses have a darker appearance.

When Are Polarized Glasses Useful?

You can wear polarized glasses any time you wish. However, polarized lenses are a great choice when you are on the water, such as while boating or fishing. They reduce the glare off water while reducing your eyestrain. Also, consider polarized lenses when you enjoy playing in the snow on skis, snowboarding, or even a snowball fight. The sun is brutal when bouncing off the snow, and polarized lenses are ideal for reducing the glare it creates.

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