What is a visual field test

What Is a Visual Field Test?

Visual field testing checks the ability to see objects and movement you are not focusing on. It tests your peripheral vision and your side vision. Various eye problems can affect your field of view. Our optometrists at Eye Site Texas can check your visual field to determine if you have potentially serious eye conditions.


Who Needs a Visual Field Exam?

The visual field exam checks the fundamental integrity of your retinas and optic nerves. If any of those are damaged, then you may begin to lose vision. Are there blind spots? Are there weak spots? If there are problem areas where most people have good vision, the eye doctor will check your eyes more carefully to determine why those spots exist. Our optometrist may be the first to spot a severe health issue affecting your body. You may need this test if you’ve recently experienced any of the following:

  • Being hit in the eye and seeing dark spots for more than a few seconds
  • Glaucoma
  • Stroke, tumor, or other head problems
  • Taken certain medicines, such as hydroxychloroquine
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • Very high nearsightedness (high myopia)
  • Diabetes

How Does the Exam Work?

There are several types of visual field testing exams. The simplest test has the optometrist ask you to look at something and then move their hands in and out of your standard field of vision. While not very accurate, it is good enough to notice significant problems.

The next is the Amsler Grid, which is often just a card with straight lines in a grid and a spot in the middle. If any of the lines disappear, appear wavy, look blurry, or extra dark, you may need a more comprehensive exam. People with AMD will likely have problems with this test.

Automated periphery tests are the most comprehensive and easy to administer. It takes only a few minutes with our modern Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer. With this test, you put your face at the edge of a box with a bowl-shaped screen inside, and you focus on the center. The optometrist will give you a button switch to push each time you see a dot of light. You will not always see that light, which is alright since that is outside your field of vision.

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