Most Common Eye Injuries

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are not only a cause of discomfort but can cause vision loss. If you have suffered an eye injury in Houston or Katy, TX, please book an appointment with Eye Site for treatment. Here are the common eye injuries we encounter in our eye clinic.

Eye Swelling

Eye swelling occurs when something blunt hits the area around the eye. The eyelids and other tissues around the eye area swell and change in color due to bruising. The immediate treatment for black eye is applying a cold pack, but you should see an eye doctor to assess the damage.

Chemical Burns

If anything other than water gets into your eyes, you will likely experience eye discomfort. The severity of chemical injuries varies, depending on the nature of the chemical.

  • Alkali: Alkali substances may not cause immediate irritation, but they can cause significant damage if left untreated.
  • Acid: These substances can cause eye redness and a burning sensation but can easily be washed away by your eyes.

Most chemical burns occur when liquids splash directly into your eyes. However, sometimes you can get chemical burns indirectly, like if your rub your eyes with chemical-laden hands.

Corneal Abrasion

If you know something has scratched your eye, it’s essential to seek immediate medical intervention because this could be an inlet for bacteria and viruses in your eye. If you have a scratched eye, keep your injured eye closed and see an eye doctor immediately.

Foreign Object in the Eye

These injuries range from mild to severe. If an insect enters your eye, you can easily remove it with home remedies. However, sharp objects like broken glasses need the intervention of an eye doctor.

Eye Injury Treatment in Katy, TX, and Houston, TX

If you have an eye injury, book an appointment with an optometrist for correct treatment. If you are in Katy or Houston, TX, please book an appointment with Eye Site for immediate treatment.

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