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The Importance of Eye Exams for Children

As children grow, their eye care needs change. He or she may not recognize that change immediately. Parents, teachers, and coaches may not realize it either. This is why annual eye exams are so important for children who live in the Katy and Houston communities. Texas parents need support in medical decisions, and Eye Site is proud to provide that support. With the latest technology and knowledge in the field of eye care, our professionals offer exams and treatment for the challenges of childhood vision. From diagnosing a toddler who can't verbalize a problem to reassuring a teen with great eye health, we help kids and parents alike take care of their vision to ensure it lasts for years to come.


An Optometrist You Can Trust

With twenty-five years of experience, Eye Site optometrists are professional and compassionate. We enjoy the opportunity to educate patients about what they can do for themselves to ensure good eye health. Families in the Houston region can rely on our staff to provide a positive experience for children and offer the services and treatment that families need. Eye Site has several doctors available on staff, so you can select the optometrist that works best with your child.

Childhood Eye Issues

Children can encounter unique health issues that affect their vision. With today's training and technology, we're able to accurately diagnose small children while helping them feel comfortable during the exam. We're also ready to help older children whose eyes are undergoing significant change through their teenage years. Parents know that a child's vision is essential for them to learn and grow. They may not be able to identify an underlying vision problem when after the child has adapted and compensated for the problem. Behavior problems, headaches, falling grades, accidents, and shy mannerisms often are the result of a child whose vision has become compromised. For children, eye exams can seem monotonous and unsettling. At Eye Site, we can help your child move beyond that. We'd like to help each child reach their greatest potential so that they can enjoy life to its fullest. 

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Here in Katy, TX we're excited to have a new office that will update our services for our patients. We're proud to serve the Houston area and look forward to seeing you for your next appointment. Let us help your children feel comfortable so that they can protect their eye health for years to come. Call Eye Site today at (713) 984-9144 (Houston) or (281) 644-2010 (Katy).

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