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You may already know pediatric eye exams are critical for ensuring that your kids' eyesight develops normally, while senior eye exams are a must for older folks who are at risk for age-related eye diseases and disorders. But don't assume that the long stretch of years between these two age groups are necessarily quiet ones for your eyes. Presbyopia and other issues can alter your visual acuity, while occupational stresses and undiagnosed eye diseases present risk and problems of their own. That's why Eye Site offers comprehensive adult eye exams in Houston and Katy TX.

Adulthood and the Eye

Even after the eyes have finished growing and developing throughout the teenage years, additional changes may still occur -- including problems that may threaten your eyesight or eye comfort. Refractive errors may continue to produce periodic changes in your corrective vision prescription, for instance, requiring you to get new glasses or contact lenses. This is especially true after the age of 40, when a lens condition called presbyopia commonly produces near-vision focus problems on top of whatever other refractive errors you may already have.

Eye diseases can also begin during the adult years, damaging the eyes without always producing symptoms. In diseases such as glaucoma, irreversible damage can progress for years without the early detection and treatment made possible by an eye exam. Early-stage cataracts, macular degeneration and other sight-robbers may also appear.

Your workplace is another potential cause of adult eye trouble, notably computer vision syndrome, or CVS. This form of digital eye strain causes eye fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, dry eye and other distressing symptoms.

Scheduling Your Houston and Katy Eye Exams

The American Optometric Association urges adults aged 18 to 60 to schedule an eye exam every two years at a minimum. If you're at risk for a specific eye disorder or you wear contacts, you need annual eye exams in Houston and Katy instead. We can view the inside of the eye while also checking your eye pressure, detecting glaucoma and retinal diseases as early as possible.

Regular vision testing is a smart way to be ready for presbyopia when it finally occurs. We can examine your changing eyesight and prescribe bifocals, trifocals or multifocal lenses to help you maintain clear distance, intermediate and near vision ranges. If you prefer contact lenses to glasses, an additional contact lens exam will enable us to fit you for multifocal contacts. If you're experiencing eye symptoms as a result of digital eye strain at work, we can provide special lenses and lifestyle recommendations to help you control the problem.

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