Oakley Frames

Are you the type of person who enjoys looking your best and staying up-to-date on the latest fashion trends? If so, then the same probably applies to your eyewear. You may like to switch up your glasses and sunglasses every so often, opting for today's hottest designer brands when you do.

Here at Eye Site of Texas, we pride ourselves in carrying some of the top designer brands in eyewear and offering them at excellent prices. Oakley is one of the more popular designer brands we carry here.

Eyewear From Oakley

Oakley is a brand known for their sleek and stylish sunglasses; however, they also make traditional eyeglasses, so you can snag a pair of Oakleys for all your eyecare needs. A pair of Oakley sunglasses, for example, is great for protecting your eyes from the sun's potentially harmful UV rays without having to sacrifice your vision quality in the process. Meanwhile, Oakley eyeglasses are great for looking fashionable anywhere your day might take you.

Frames for Everybody

Oakley is a brand popular among men, though it's definitely worth noting that they offer both eyeglasses and sunglasses for women and children as well. In fact, no matter what your sense of style may be like, there's a good chance you can find a pair of Oakleys that fits the bill. Their frames come in just about every color imaginable, and they carry a variety of frame styles, widths, and designs. From traditional to modern and everything in between, Oakley truly has something for everyone.

Why Opt for Oakley?

Many people choose Oakley frames due to their unrivaled style. However, Oakleys are also some of the most unique frame designs in the world, making them ideal for those who like to stand out in a crowd rather than blend in. They're also handmade, and some of their frame styles are actually made out of a super lightweight "O Matter" material with a three-point fit for the most comfortable glasses you've ever worn.

Where to Find Oakley Glasses in Houston

Whether you're already a big fan of Oakley glasses in Houston are thinking about buying them for the first time, we recommend that you take a look at our selection here at Eye Site. We have two convenient locations in Katy and Memorial to suit your needs, and we're proud to offer a wide selection of both Oakley sunglasses and Oakley eyeglasses at each location.

If it's been more than a year since your last eye exam, we also recommend you scheduling a comprehensive eye and vision exam at our office so we can make sure your prescription is accurate before you buy your next pair of glasses.

Here at Eye Site, we work tirelessly to provide our patients with the best eyecare services possible in the Houston area. If you're interested in scheduling an appointment or finding out more about our practice, give us a call today at (281) 644-2010 (Katy) or (713) 984-9144 (Memorial). New patients are always welcome.

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