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At Eye Site, we know eyeglasses are a woman's most important accessory, responsible for correcting her vision and protecting her eyes every single day. Our Houston optometrists take pride in providing thorough exams, precise prescriptions, and innovative eyewear options that truly maximize your eyesight and eye health. But we also want to help you complete your overall look! Our eyeglasses for women are customizable for most prescriptions, and they're also available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Stay on trend and complement your face with a pair of our eye-catching glasses for women in Katy TX.

Eyeglass Styles for Women in Katy

Your glasses are an essential part of your wardrobe, so they should reflect your personality and complement your features like any other accessory. Our prescription eyeglasses include frame styles for every age, lifestyle, and fashion sense. Some of our most popular frame styles include:

  • Vintage-Inspired Eyeglasses – Cat eyes, aviators, and other throwback styles make bold statement pieces that flatter a variety of face shapes, and today's designers are rethinking these retro styles with innovative and colorful new materials.
  • Minimalist Eyeglasses – Sleek, simple frames with thin metal rims and few flourishes are a classic eyewear choice, especially if you want lightweight frames you can barely feel. We also offer rimless and semi-rimless frames that are perfect for people with sensitive skin.
  • Classic Eyeglasses – From discount eyewear to designer brands, our eyeglasses are dominated by classic, practical styles that are perfect for casual and formal wear alike. Pick a pair of frames made of metal, stainless steel, plastic, or carbon fiber, in the shape and size of your choice. It's all up to you at Eye Site.

Flattering Frames for Every Face Shape

The days of awkward, bulky frames are long gone. Now, wearing glasses is actually a great way to complement your face and bring out your best features, giving you more control over your overall look. For example, thin rectangular rims offer pleasing contrast on a long, round face, by breaking up the curves and length with angles and width. Try some of these frame shapes to see which eyeglasses are right for your unique features:

  • Cat Eye Frames – If throwback fashion is your thing, these vintage frames draw the eyes upward to complement drawn faces or prominent jaws.
  • Round Frames – The classic circle is a great choice for angular and square faces, because circular frames will maintain symmetry while softening angles.
  • Aviator Frames – Not just for sunglasses anymore, the aviator shape draws the eyes downward and is great for heart-shapes faces and broad foreheads.
  • Rectangular Frames – Angular frames are sleek and sophisticated, and you can play with the width and height to balance out your own features, which works especially well if you have round cheeks and a round chin.

Shop Our Designer Eyeglasses for Women in Houston

We want your eyeglasses to last and look good, so we only work with brands that are committed to quality craftsmanship. Our optical center has eyeglasses in every price range, so you can choose your favorite fashion house or keep it casual with durable athletic classes. Browse eyeglasses by Oakley, Coach, Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, Paul Smith, Versace, Kate Spade, Christian Dior, Liz Claiborne, adidas, Maui Jim, Fendi, and more of today's hottest designer brands.

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