Blue Light Blocking Lenses

By now, you've probably heard about blue light blocking glasses and how they can relieve the eye strain, headaches, and insomnia you suspect is a result of all the time you've been spending on your laptop and tablet, and all the binge-watching you've been doing on your flat-screen TV. At Eyesite in Katie and Houston, TX we’ve heard many positive testimonies regarding blue light blocking lenses.


Do you Have Digital Eye Strain?

The Vision Council surveyed adults who used digital devices for more than two hours a day and found that 59% reported symptoms that could be categorized as digital eye strain caused by exposure to blue light

  • 32.4% experienced eye strain
  • 27.2% experienced dry eyes
  • 35% experienced shoulder or neck pain
  • 27.7% experienced headaches
  • 27.9% experienced blurred vision

Blue light occurs in nature, mainly as sunlight, but it is also the main culprit behind digital eye strain. This is due to its position in the lower portion of the visible light spectrum, just above ultraviolet light. It has shorter wavelengths which means its wavelengths contain a lot of energy. Constant exposure to this short-wave blue light exhausts our eyes.

How Do Blue Light Blocking Lenses Work?

Computer glasses with blue light blocking lenses lower the amount of blue light entering the eyes because they have a coating that filters out blue light, making it both safer and more comfortable to look at digital screens. Blue light blocking lenses also have an anti-glare coating, which prevents further eye strain by eliminating the reflection of light from the front and back surface of the lens.

If you do not wear glasses for reading distance, you do not need a prescription for blue light glasses. However, if you do, our optometrist can incorporate your prescription into the glasses' blue light blocking lenses.

Advice from Our Optometrist in Katy & Houston

Avoiding blue light eye strain by cutting down on screen time is not always an option. Many of us have no choice but to spend extended amounts of time at the computer every day for work. Though there are things you can do to cut back on eye strain, such as taking regular breaks to refocus your eyes, the most effective way to reduce blue light eye fatigue is a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Blue light blocking lenses can be purchased in a prescription or non-prescription variety. For further questions about blue light blocking lenses, or to schedule an appointment, call Eyesite at (281) 668-8491 or visit us online.

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