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If you have been told that you or your child might benefit from vision therapy in Katy or Houston, TX, your first response may be, "What is vision therapy?" While many people understand the basics of eye care such as comprehensive eye exams, vision testing and corrective eyewear, they may have no experience with this less common -- yet extremely important -- form of functional vision care. Here's an explanation from our team here at Eye Site.

getting vision therapyWho Needs Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is often recommended for individuals who are experiencing imperfect communication between the eyes and the vision center of the brain. Any interference with the development of visual function in childhood can lead to a lifelong struggle with issues such as:

  • Amblyopia - Often called "lazy eye," this condition occurs when the brain emphasizes one eye's signals over the other's, blocking out the undesirable data and causing a loss of 3-dimensional vision.
  • Strabismus - Eye muscle problems or other disorders can cause strabismus, in which the eyes are misaligned either horizontally or vertically to cause convergence problems.
  • Accommodation problems - Weak muscles in the lens may make it hard for the lens to accommodate their focus from one distance field to another, leading to eye strain and reading problems.

In addition to abnormal functional development in childhood, eye function problems can also occur as the result of a neurological event or injury at any age. Generally, however, children seem to take especially easily to vision therapy. This is good news because addressing developmental vision issues early can prevent or minimize learning disabilities that may ultimately affect your child's entire future.

How Your Vision Therapist in Katy or Houston, TX Can Help

Your vision therapist at Eye Site in Houston or Katy, TX can provide a number of services and techniques to help your loved one reverse the effects of poor eye function. Just as physical therapy might include multiple healing modalities, a course of vision therapy might include:

  • "Pencil pushups" and other eye exercises to improve muscle focus, coordination and control
  • Prism lenses to compensate for strabismus
  • Patching the "good" eye in an amblyopia patient (or applying medications that temporarily obscure vision), forcing the brain to accept and use signals from "bad" eye to equalize vision

Vision Therapy is an Investment

The cost of vision therapy can vary widely depending on the nature of the problem, the measures required to correct it and the length of treatment necessary. A full course of vision therapy may cost several thousand dollars over the course of years, although 6-9 months is more the norm. (Check your insurance plan to see which of these costs it may cover.) But when you consider the lifetime costs of poor academic performance, limited ability in the workplace or even safety hazards that lead to serious injuries, the cost of vision therapy suddenly seems less significant -- and the quality of life attained through clear vision is priceless.

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