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How to Prepare for An Eye Exam

Your vision is essential to helping you function throughout daily life, and an eye exam is crucial for maintaining your eyesight. While people can see eye doctors when experiencing problems like eye pain or blurry vision, it's of equal importance to have preventative care with a routine exam. Many age-related eye conditions have no early symptoms. At Eye Site in Katy and Houston, we value the importance of a comprehensive eye exam. Here's how you can prepare yourself before your next visit.

Discussion of Your Eye and Health History

If you're having any problems or concerns with your eyes, it's the right time to discuss it with our optometry team. You'll want to be prepared to discuss any possible symptoms you're having as it relates to your eyes. Also, it's important to reveal to our doctors the current medications you're taking along with any other health concerns you may have. We will also discuss your family history of eye disease.

What Happens During the Eye Exam

A detailed eye exam involves a variety of tests, including:

  • Visual Acuity (measurement of vision with an eye chart)
  • Eye function and teaming tests
  • Refraction and retinoscopy (determining correct lenses to improve vision and determining prescription)
  • Eye health tests using dilation to get a better look at the structures of your eye

What Happens After Your Exam

If we discover potential issues that need further evaluation, we will discuss a treatment plan with you. We may also discuss your current vision prescription or answer your questions about contacts or eyeglasses if needed. Our doctors will provide advice on how to properly care for your eyes at home. Our findings from your eye exam can also give us a better picture of your overall health, including discovering issues like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Make an Appointment with Our Optometry Experts in Katy & Houston

Our team at Eye Site is committed to providing professional eye care to patients throughout Texas. Our facility is always welcoming new clients with all the eye care services they need. If it's time for your next eye exam, contact our staff today!

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