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What not to do after Glaucoma Surgery

What Not To Do After Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma is a serious condition of the eye. It occurs when the eye's drainage system is not working properly, and fluid builds up in the eye. This fluid build-up can cause an increase in eye pressure, which can cause permanent damage to the optic nerve. This damage can cause a loss of peripheral vision. Over time, as the disease progresses, tunnel vision may occur. At Eye Site, our eye doctors offer a variety of non-surgical treatments to help our glaucoma patients. However, if you choose surgery to correct your glaucoma, there are a few things you should try to avoid after your surgery.

Post-op Advice for Glaucoma Patients

The recovery time for glaucoma surgery varies based on the patient and the specifics of the surgery. In general, most people heal within three to six weeks after the procedure. If you want the surgery to be a success, there are certain things that you shouldn't do until you have fully recovered.

Avoid rubbing your eyes: After your surgery, it isn't uncommon for your vision to be blurry and your eyes to be itchy, both of which may cause you to rub your eyes. If you are going to heal properly, you need to resist the urge to rub.

Avoid heavy lifting: During the recovery process, you should avoid heavy lifting. If you go to the gym regularly, it is best to avoid going until you are healed. If your job requires heavy lifting, you should speak to your supervisor about being put on light duty until you have fully healed.

Avoid strenuous activity: While you are recovering from surgery, you don't need to lay on the sofa for weeks, but you do need to avoid strenuous activity. If you go to the gym, run, or ride a bike often, it is best to avoid these activities until you have healed.

No swimming: While you are recovering from glaucoma surgery, you should avoid going in a swimming pool, hot tub, or sauna. These places are breeding grounds for bacteria, which could result in an infection.

Eyecare Services in Katy & Houston, TX

There as several surgical and non-surgical options that are available for glaucoma treatment. We provide non-surgical care for our patients and if surgery is required we can refer you to an ophthalmologist for a consultation. If you have any questions about glaucoma or would like to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors at Eye Site, call us today! Call our Katy office at (281) 644-2010 or our Memorial office at (713) 984-9144.

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