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Good Vision & Good Grades With Your Katy Optometrist

Good Vision & Good Grades With Your Katy Optometrist

A good education is an important part in helping children to prepare for adult life. Research shows that some factors can impair learning and lead to poor performance in the classroom. Impaired sight is such an issue that can have a significant effect on academic performance. Annual pediatric eye exams from your Katy optometrist can help prevent any future issues your child may have.

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Incidence of Vision Problems

Experts believe that up to 25 percent of schoolchildren have sight problems that can affect their academic performance. They may not get vision screenings at an early age, and parents may not be aware that there is a problem. Some areas of the country conduct screenings to detect vision problems in schoolchildren, but this does not occur in all school districts. Vision problems can cause these children to fall behind in their studies and may be the root cause of some behavioral problems. Reading ability may also be affected by vision problems. Many educators are finding that vision problems have a significant impact on the ability of student to accomplish the academic tasks they are given.

Factors in Vision Problems

If other people in the family have a vision problem, it is highly likely that a child may have the same problem as well. If the child spends a great deal of time at the computer, he or she may develop eye problems as a result of the constant fatigue. Good nutrition is also a factor in good vision. These factors can all contribute to a vision problem that prevents the child from doing well in his studies.

Warning Signs of Problems

Children may not be aware that their sight is causing them problems in school. They may simply not feel well, complain of headaches, feel dizzy or experience nausea. These schoolchildren may feel fatigue and rub their eyes constantly. Researchers at the University of California suggest that a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, may actually have an undiagnosed problem with proper focusing. If your child is having problems with schoolwork, make an appointment with an Optometrist for a professional evaluation of the child's sight.

Improved Performance With Glasses

Initial detection of a problem is just the beginning in helping your child to succeed in class. Schoolchildren with vision problems must also get periodic tests to ensure that they have the right prescription to allow them to continue to do schoolwork correctly. Regular visits to a Houston optometrist can help to detect problems that can be easily corrected with a change of eyeglass prescription. These measures can help to keep a child's eyes healthy throughout his academic years.

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