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Eye Exams For Children From Our Optometrists


Since one in four children have some type of undetected vision problem—and since eye diseases and conditions can be detected and treated early—it is never too soon to start monitoring vision. Whether you have an an infant, toddler or preschool-aged child, you may wonder when to start exploring Katy eye exams for children, as well as how frequently you need to take your them for visits.


At Eye Site, we understand that you worry about your child’s vision for many reasons, including the following:

  • Poor Vision May Adversely Affect Learning and Classroom Behavior. Compromised vision not only makes it difficult for children to see their books or other reading materials, as well as the blackboard or dry erase board, but it also challenges their ability to concentrate. A combination of boredom and frustration may cause children to act out and misbehave in class when correcting a vision problem may prevent these issues.
  • Undiagnosed Vision Issues Can Obstruct Physical and Neurological Development. One of the most prevalent development issues eye doctors see in children include eye muscle imbalances, or strabismus, which we commonly call “crossed eyes,” which can lead to “lazy eye.” These conditions cause the brain to work overtime to correct problems. If left untreated, these types of problems can lead to permanent vision loss.

At Eye Site, we want children to thrive with healthy vision so they can participate in athletics and dance while avoiding experience serious conditions such as congenital glaucoma, retinal disease and eye-related cancers. We recommend bringing children in for eye exams during their first 12 months, in the toddler years, and before they begin kindergarten. We love seeing our patients every two years, at least, to make sure all is well.

What to Expect from an Eye Exam for Kids with Our Houston & Katy Optometrists

Anytime you take your child to a doctor, you have to prepare them for what to expect. We know it helps parents too. During our Houston eye exams for kids, we like to start with visual acuity testing, which measures sharpness of vision, before moving on to alignment testing. We like to talk with parents and children about headaches, behavioral issues, declining grades, and anything else that can help us detect issues on the horizon.

If we detect any eye conditions that require corrective lenses, we definitely bring that up so you can decide what the best option is for your child.

Learn More about Pediatric Eye Exams in Houston & Katy

Our medical team of highly skilled eye care physicians includes John O’Neill, Kevin Harrison, Abby Henderson, Huy Pham, Dorothy Win-Hall and Supriya Krishnan, along with a friendly and upbeat support team. We all look forward to hearing from you so we can start working together for your child’s best vision. Contact us today by calling 713-984-9144 for the Houston location or 281-644-2010 to reach the Katy location.

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