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Posted on 07-06-2016

Why Do I Need an Eye Exam?

The Benefits of Getting an Eye Exam

The evaluation of your eyes lets our optometrist provide you with the best treatment. It also let us deliver the best glasses or contact prescriptions to suit your needs. Since your eyes can change periodically, we recommend an annual eye exam to keep your prescription current. A correct prescription helps you avoid headaches and eye strain. We also perform eye examinations to evaluate the health of your eyes. We look for and monitor conditions such as:

  • Strabismus which is commonly known as crossed eyes. We evaluate how well your eyes are working together and determine if any weaknesses are occurring.
  • Macular Degeneration which is a decrease in your central vision that affects your ability to see colors and fine details.
  • Amblyopia in which your eyes have greatly different vision challenges. This may cause your brain to shut down the signal to one eye.
  • Myopia in which you have challenges seeing things in a distance, but are able to see clearly when things are up close.
  • Hyperopia in which you can see distant objects clearly but are unable to focus on near objects.
  • Glaucoma which can lead to permanent vision damage.
  • Diabetic eye disease in which the small blood vessels begin to leak and may cause permanent eye damage.

Doctor in Houston giving an eye exam

Eyesite offers two Texas locations Houston and Katy for your optometrist needs. We welcome the opportunity to care for your eyes and your vision. A important part of a healthy life is caring for your eyes. The easiest way to care for your eyes is to have routine eye exams.

From these exams, our eye doctors get valuable information into your overall health and can see if any concerning eye problems are beginning. If we address eye problems at their initial stages, we have a greater chance of success in helping you overcome any conditions or disorders. We recommend yearly eye exams for your entire family and encourage parents to bring their child in for an evaluation. Healthy eyesight contributes to ease of learning and desire to experience the world.

Schedule Your Eye Exams at Our Houston and Katy Optometrist 

Our optometrists have a variety of tests available to evaluate the health of your eyes from color vision, depth perception, peripheral vision, pupil dilation and eye muscle movements. We also look at the curvature of your cornea to view astigmatisms and determine how the light reflects off your eye. If we determine that you need corrective lenses, we determine which is most appropriate for you. These yearly tests keep your eyes healthy and will increase your chances of avoiding future challenges. Call us today at 281-644-2010 for our Katy office or 713-984-9144 for our Houston location to schedule your eye exam and be on your way to improved vision. 

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