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Posted on 09-27-2016

Your First Visit: What to Expect During Your Annual Eye Exam in Houston & Katy

The doctors at Eyesite are dedicated to giving you the very best eye care, and that begins with a comprehensive eye examination. We recommend that children have their eyes examined every year, and that adults should come in every other year until the age of 50. After 50, eyes are more likely to develop serious problems, so we want to see you yearly after that. When you come to see us, your Houston eye exam includes much more than the traditional eye chart on the wall.

First time visiting an optometrist for an annual eye exam; wondering what to expect? Learn more about annual eye exams with our Houston & Katy optometrists.

About Eye Exams in Houston & Katy, TX

A comprehensive eye examination checks for the health of your eyes as well as your eyes' ability to focus. Plan on being with the doctor for at least half an hour. Some of the more common parts of the eye exams in Katy TX are:

  • Checking visual acuity with a phoropter. This machine may remind you of a large pair of black sunglasses. You'll look through it toward that familiar eye chart, and the doctor will ask you to choose between pairs of lenses to see which one allows you to see better. This determines your prescription if you need eyeglasses.
  • A glaucoma test measures the pressure inside your eye. You'll place your chin on a shelf, and a machine will blow a brief puff of air into each eye. It can be a bit startling, but it's completely painless.
  • In order to see inside the eye better, you'll receive eye drops that dilate your pupils. This will make your eyes more sensitive to light for the next few hours, so you may want to bring sunglasses to the exam.
  • The doctor will use a slit lamp test to check the cornea, iris and lens of your eyes. You'll place your chin in a holder, then the doctor will shine a bright light into one eye. He'll rotate the light from side to side, allowing him to see the entire interior of your eye.

Early detection is the key to successful treatment of many eye diseases, so it's important that you have your eyes examined every year. Many eye diseases, like cataracts, can appear without causing symptoms for years, so don't assume your eyes are healthy just because you don't have any problems seeing.

Contact Us Today to Learn More about Annual Eye Exams and to Make an Appointment

Make an appointment for a comprehensive eye exam to make sure your eyes are healthy. We have offices in Houston and Katy, TX, to better serve the area. Call our Katy office at (281) 644-2010, or the Houston office at (713) 984-9144, for an appointment today.

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