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Posted on 05-03-2016

Update Your Style With Colored Contact Lenses For Special Effects

Contact lenses are rightly regarded as a method of correcting vision, but some wearers push the envelope by expecting contact lenses to change the color of their eyes and produce special effects. These additional cosmetic properties of contacts are even popular among those who need no vision correction. So long as you obtain these trendy contacts from a reputable optician and follow the rules of good eye hygiene, there is no problem with these less conventional uses.

The Growing Popularity of Colored Contact Lenses

Color contacts represent an increasing share of the contact lens market. They permit you to change your eye color on a whim, or to intensify the natural color of the eye with tinted lenses. Whether you always wished your brown eyes were blue or want to give your bluish eyes a greenish cast, you can obtain disposable contacts that will do the job.

Contacts designed to change the color of your eye come in three tints:

  • Opaque tints offer a dramatic and complete color change of your eye. It is the only way for people with dark eyes to change to light eyes.
  • Visibility tints, usually a light blue or green, helps you see your lens more quickly when inserting it, but this type does not change your eye color.
  • Light filtering tints are functional for sports, as they enhance some colors and mute others, an advantage for distinguishing colors while playing sports.

Novelty Lenses

In addition to colored lenses, there are also specialty lenses that produce unusual effects. They may be shaped like hearts and flowers, stars, or animals, or have special effects, such as being glow in the dark or black.

Any of these specialized contact lenses require a prescription, even if you do not need vision correction. Novelty contacts may be available from unauthorized vendors, but improperly fit contacts can damage your eyes. As with any contacts, they must be properly cared for, and never shared with anyone else.

Considerations with Colored Contacts

While colored lenses work like any others, there are a couple of disadvantages. For one thing, if the fit is not exact or baseline in place, you might be able to see your original eye color as well as that of the contact. Also, the size of your lens in your eye may not match up perfectly with the colored contact, so you will be looking through the colored part of the contact instead of your own lens, which can change the color of your eye.

You might want to limit the star-shaped and glow-in-the-dark variations for Halloween, but the plain colored ones give you the chance to try something different with your eyes. You can opt for the conventional change, but choosing violet or silver models can give your eyes a unique look. Brightly colored lenses offer a beautiful contrast if you have all over warm toned skin, while those with bluish or reddish undertones provide an excellent complement to pale skin, cool skin, or dark black hair. Green eyes can make you look sexy or mischievous, while brown I can make you appear smart, savvy, and trustworthy on your next job interview.

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