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Posted on 05-03-2016

Tips For Selecting Flattering Frames For Mature Eyeglass Wearers

If you are a more mature eyeglass wearer, you owe it to yourself to find flattering glasses that make you look as young as you feel, while solving some of the vision problems that tend to come with aging. With a variety of frame styles, lens shapes, and lens treatments, you can enhance your appearance and see better. Your eye doctor can make recommendations about the best lenses and lens treatments for your eyes, but you and the optician can find what looks great.

Go Beyond The Trends Popular Among Senior Buyers

Industry professionals notice two trends that older buyers often follow. First, they regard their eyeglass purchase as a major one, which means that they often settle for one expensive pair, rather than for multiple pairs like younger buyers do. Rather than buying three pair of less expensive glasses in fashion colors to match their clothes, which they often find at a great price online, older viewers have a different mindset. This often prevents them from experimenting with colors and styles that they might like. This can be a mistake, as it relegates eyeglasses to really being functional rather than the fun fashion statement they can be.

The second thing that dominates older buyers, particularly women, is a fascination with retro styles, which often makes for oversized glasses and shapes such as cat’s eyes that were popular in past decades. As a buyer from Glasses Direct notes "When we segment our customers by age, we find the younger ones like more streamlined frames and older ones have a stronger interest in decoration." Glasses can make a statement and you can be known by your huge round frames, but there are many ways to express your individuality in a more modern way.

Tips For Choosing Glasses

What should you keep in mind when you’re buying glasses?

  • Find a flattering shape, which means finding ones that are a contrast to your facial structure. If your face is round, oval or square offer more contrast than round ones. Frames with rounded edges soften a square face. Even though buying glasses online can pose risks that older buyers might not feel comfortable taking, you can try on glasses virtually online to limit the types of styles you need to try on in person at the optician.
  • Consider the impact of color. If you are rocking gray hair, consider cool shades such as navy, dark tortoise, pink or black. Even if you color treat your hair so it is still dark, black frames can help accentuate your hair as well as dark eyes. According to some eyeglass professionals, match your eyes by choosing a frame shade that is similar to your eye color, while others advocate choosing a color similar to your hair color. Don’t limit yourself to just one pair.
  • Accentuate your best features with the right style. Larger, bolder frames can hide bags and crow’s feet under and around the eyes, while rimless glasses will make them more obvious. By choosing bolder, stronger frames, you can accentuate your eyes rather than your nose. To accentuate your cheeks, choose a retro cat’s-eye style of frame.
  • Assist nature a bit for the best results. Using a bit of eye makeup including eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, and mascara can bring out the color of your eyes and hide flaws.

Come to Eye Site Texas For a Great Selection

For a great selection of the latest style frames that suit buyers of all ages, check out what’s available at Eye Site Texas. After yourappointment with one of our eye care professionals, one of our opticians will work with you to find a flattering style you’ll love.

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