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  • ​Using Your Flex Spending Accounts for Prescription Eyewear
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​Using Your Flex Spending Accounts for Prescription Eyewear

Using Your Flex Spending Accounts for Prescription Eyewear

FSA stands for Flexible Spending Account, and HSA stands for Health Savings Account. Both are accounts where you save money for particular medical expenses not normally paid for by health insurance. FSA accounts are typically provided as benefits by employers, while HSAs are usually set up by self-employed people, though there are exceptions to both rules.

Guidelines for FSA/HSA?

There are federal guidelines for how much you can put into these accounts each year, with most maxing out at around $5,000. You put the money in at the beginning of the year, usually onto a debit card. The money comes out of your annual salary, and you pay it back, pre-tax, through payroll deductions the rest of the year. You must use all of the money in the accounts before the end of the year or you lose it, as it does not roll over. It must be renewed each year with however much you decide to put in it.

You will receive a list of approved expenses for these accounts when you sign up for them. While most expenses not paid for by insurance can be covered by them, there are exceptions. Knowing what you can and cannot use the account for is important to using it well.

How Can FSA/HSA Accounts Help You Buy Eyeglasses?

Most expenses associated with optometry can be paid for with FSA/HSA accounts, including eye exams, contact lenses, contact lens solution, LASIK surgery, and eyeglasses. If you have not had an exam or renewed your prescription this year, or if you just want some new frames, now is the perfect time to make an appointment to come in and use your remaining FSA/HSA money to buy some. You've already put the money in the account. Why not use it?

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