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  • Why Eyeglass Prescriptions Expire After One Year
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Why Eyeglass Prescriptions Expire After One Year

­Why Eyeglass Prescriptions Expire After One Year - Explained By Your Houston Optometrist

People who wear eye glasses or contact lenses are reminded to have their eyes examined annually. However, they don't always understand why it's important to visit the optometrist at least once a year. Here's what you should know about your eyes, how they can change and why you should have your prescription checked by your Houston Optometrist every twelve months.

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Aging Eyes

As you age, your eyes change. This means that your prescription can change, but the concern is not just about how well you see. Presbyopia starts to develop after about age 40, and that makes it harder to see items close up. Cataracts can start to form at any age, but they are most common among seniors. Serious eye-related diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinotherapy can also start to set in as you age. When you visit the optometrist, your eyes will be checked for all of these diseases along with other problems. Early treatment can often save your vision, but you cannot receive the treatment you need if you aren't having your eyes checked.

Blurry or Clear?

Your prescription can change so gradually that you may not notice it. While the glasses gave you perfect vision a year ago, things could be just a little blurry now. However, your vision is still much better than it is without eye glasses, so you don't necessarily notice the shift. Continued use of dated glasses can allow your vision to continue worsening. There is the risk that you may be involved in an accident because your vision is not as sharp as you believed it to be.

Warning Signs

While you should visit the eye doctor annually to have your vision checked, it's also important to know what the symptoms are of poor vision or the wrong contact lenses. While blurred vision is the most common symptom, you may also experience headaches. If you are struggling with your vision in any way, you should visit the eye doctor as quickly as possible, even if you have had the glasses or contacts for less than a year. It may be that you have the wrong script, your glasses have shifted or the initial measurements are no longer accurate to your eyes.

Contact Our Optometrist Today!

Protect your eyes and your vision by taking the time to see your Houston eye doctor. The exams don't take long, and they give the doctor a chance to catch serious eye problems. Even if your current glasses seem to work fine, the script can be a little off and you just didn't notice the change. The next time you are scheduling your annual physical exam or one of your dental check-ups, take the time to also have your eyes looked at to protect your vision. Call us in Houston or Katy today to schedule an appointment.

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