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Treating Burning Eyes With Your Katy Optometrist

Treating Burning Eyes With Your Katy Optometrist

Are you one of many who suffers from burning, red, itchy or dry eyes? Even though you might not have thought about it, you could be suffering from a common or serious medical condition. Don't panic, there are many reasons why eyes would burn or become dry. Some of these conditions are easy to treat, while others may require professional medical attention. It is always wise to see a Katy optometrist if you have any serious medical concerns about the health of your vision, but it never hurts to do a little personal research as well.

Woman with burning eyes before seeing a Katy optometrist

The Effect of the Environment on Burning Eyes

The first thing to consider when suffering from dry, red or burning eyes is the environment. Do you live, sleep, work or socialize where there could be large amounts of dust or pollution? Mold in the structure of a home may cause you to feel like your eyes are burning. It is often preferred that the environment is the cause, because that means there is no serious medical condition to worry about. Allergies to pollen and pet dander are one of the most common causes of red and itchy eyes. Some people may have allergies without even knowing it. Also, many large cities face heavy amounts of pollution on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for many residents to have irritable reactions from that type of environment. Try getting away from the city for a little while to see if the burning is reduced.

Cosmetic Causes of Redness

Many bathroom products are made of unnatural chemicals that can get onto the conjunctiva, the thin clear layer on the outside of the eye, and cause irritation. It is a common fact that shampoo will cause burning that may last an entire day. Other products, such as makeup and cleaning solvents, can cause redness as well. Be sure that all household and cosmetic products are used properly and with caution. There may even be an allergic link between the redness and the chemicals in the products themselves. Such cases are not uncommon, but many people assume that because one person does not react that way that there must be another source for the burning.

Worst Case Scenario

If allergies or chemicals did not cause the burning, then a more serious cause may be present. There are plenty of diseases that can cause redness and burning in the eyes. Conjunctivitis is just one scenario that causes inflammation on the surface of the eyeball itself. Infections and common colds may also cause eyes to burn.

Call Your Optometrist Today!

Please visit our optometrist in Katy if you are concerned about dry, itchy or burning eyes. Try to remember when the burning began and whether any pain or vision impairment has occurred. Any information will help your optometrist make an accurate diagnosis. It may not be serious, but it is best to be safe in order to prevent any potential diseases from becoming worse. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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