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Common Eye Injuries

Common eye injuries.

Common Eye Injuries in Katy and Memorial, Texas

Eye injuries are one of the most common types of medical eye problems we see here at Eye Site. We offer optometry care to ensure your eye can safely heal after an injury. Yet most people are not sure what constitutes an eye injury that requires a visit to the eye doctor. If you have injured your eye continue reading to determine if you need to schedule an appointment for an eye exam.

What are Common Eye Injuries?

An eye injury ranges from getting a scratched eye to a traumatic injury. When your eye is scratched you could have a corneal abrasion. A poke in the eye or debris in the eye can also lead to abrasions on the eye. If you have bleeding in the eye that constitutes a serious medical emergency that requires attention.

What Should You Do If You Have an Eye Injury?

Any type of eye injuries requires a visit to our eye doctor. You can never be too cautious when it comes to the safety of your eyes and vision. More often, an eye injury can lead to an infection, which is the more dangerous circumstance. Either way, a visit to our Katy or Memorial eye doctor will give you peace of mind after an eye injury.

What are Precautions to Take With Contact Lenses to Avoid an Eye Injury?

When wearing contacts you always want to use the right cleanser for the lens. This removes debris and bacteria that could be transferred to your eye. In addition, always wash and dry your hands before handling contacts. This reduces the risk of eye injuries due to infections.

Treat Eye Injuries in Katy, Texas

If you have endured an eye injury, it is essential you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Here at Eye Site, we have two convenient locations to best serve your eye care needs. Contact our Katy, Texas office at 281-668-8491. Contact our Memorial, Texas office at 713-714-1858. We are open six days a week at both locations to accommodate your eye injuries.

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