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When to See an Optometrist

When to See an Optometrist

There are a few times when it is necessary to see our optometrist to ensure your vision and eye health are taken care of appropriately. At the first signs of an eye or vision difficulty, contact Eye Site in Katy & Houston, TX, to make an appointment for an eye exam. Here are some instances that signify the need to make a call to schedule a visit.

When Pain or Discomfort is Present

Any time you suffer from pain or irritation in the eyes, you should come in for an assessment with one of our optometrists. Failing to get help when pain is present can lead to further medical problems of the eyes and other areas of the body. It is best to have a complete evaluation conducted to rule out medical problems or to treat them quickly so they do not escalate. In some instances, medication will be required to treat the eyes appropriately.

When You Are Unable to See Clearly

If your vision seems to have become altered, a trip to our optometrist is in order to treat problems promptly. If you notice blurriness; floaters in your vision range; difficulty distinguishing colors, shapes, or shades; or if you are unable to read signs as you were able to before, see our optometrist for a complete eye exam to determine whether your vision can be remedied with corrective lenses or other treatment options.

When it is Time for a Yearly Checkup

It is best to see our optometrist on a yearly basis. During these appointments, our optometrist will check over your vision to see if there are any changes that require a new prescription. Your eyes will also be checked for any medical problems, and treatment will be administered if needed.

Visit Us for an Eye Exam in Katy & Houston, TX

If you are ready to make an eye exam appointment, call Eye Site in Katy & Houston, TX. Contact our Katy facility at (281) 644-2010 or our Memorial practice at (713) 984-9144 to make an appointment or to ask questions about eye or vision problems.

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